Denis Berkson can make people in Business and Education do unusual things...


To those expecting another talking head on the corporate speaking circuit. Or another motivational speech from a retired football coach. Or the 450 Secrets of a Mega Maker. Or, or, or!!! No, it's time to stop listening to others and time to listen to yourself time to let go time for some creativity

This is a U.C.E.- an Unidentified Creative Experience.

And what happens here defies perfect explanation, but never fails to produce the most unexpected creative behavior, new attitudes and improved performance among people who come face to face with their own creative potential regardless of their industry, title or profession. And we have the names and testimonies to prove it from real people across the country.

Enter Denis Berkson

a/k/a the Creative Crusader, primed and ready to deliver a jolt of creativity into your next business program. Professor Berkson is considered one of the country's leading authorities in the field of creative thinking. For nearly two decades, Denis Berkson has conducted thousands of workshops and seminars for groups of all types and sizes. As an expert facilitator, Denis is a master at getting the creativity out of all of us. His unique creative exercises and turbocharged presentations bend us, shape us and help us discover the bounty of creative potential inside us as individuals, as teams, as departments and as companies.

Denis's interactive programs provide people with a fresh start. They break down barriers and excuses. They elicit cooperation and teamwork. They reduce stress and reveal a different approach to solving programs.

So get ready! Because Dennis guarantees to rev your cortex and produce the most surprising results. And that's just for starters!

isn't it amazing what people can acomplish IF
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