Denis Berkson can make people in Business and Education do unusual things...


"Once there was a little boy who was given the gift of creativity...
and since he had way more than enough, he decided to share it with others.
Or so the story goes..."

Denis Berkson is the nationally known creative crusader.

Professor Denis Berkson is considered one of the countries leading authorities in creative thinking. He has conducted hundreds of presentations and workshops for business and industry including Hallmark Cards, Nordstrom, Kraft Foods, Eeckerd Corp, Hilton International, Marriott, Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, Chicago Area Meeting Planners International, and Gerber Products to Mention a few. He is also known for his educational and special needs presentations including, Texas A&M University, Vassar College, Northwestern University, Kansas Health Information Management Association, United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, National Braille Association as well as the Midwest Autism Conference, Special Olympics Coaches Workshop.

There's No Escaping the fact that once you've experienced a close encounter with Denis Berkson, you're going to look at yourself, your business, your school and your ability to solve problems in a whole new way. Unlike other programs, Denis will leave an indelible impression and have lasting results because each of his presentations and workshops are specifically designed around you and your people.

From a 45-minute after-dinner presentation to a full-day workshop, the Crusader has the program for you. Denis will work with your organization to customize one of his proven programs tailoring it to your group, your size, your time, your budget and your desired outcome. For many clients, Denis has provided ongoing support and consultation as part of a continuing program for increasing creativity.

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